Sunday, January 29, 2006

That blessed thing

One blessed thing I miss about my nursing relationship with Ella is that while she was nursing she never got sick. the nearly 12 months that she nursed she got sick not a once. And by extension, neither did I. But alas, she is now nearly 15 months, completely weaned, and I am sick. First, she came down with a runny, yucky nose. And being that she smears the leaking contents of said nose on every surface in her tiny arm's reach, Mama followed soon after.

Yesterday was the first weekend day in many in which our family had nothing scheduled to do, no where we were expected to be. And as fate would have it, I awoke to a swollen, throbbing throat, an aching body and a clouded head. So, rather than do something fun and spontaneous with Ella and Robert, I spent the entire day confined to the couch, and cuddled up with the remote control.

Yesterday it was nearly 20 degrees above the regularly scheduled temperature for January, and I managed to inhale only 2 or 3 glorious breaths of that springlike air, while retrieving the mail. The sun beat down on our cracked sidewalks, and beckoned the weeds to reach their scrawny arms to the sky. Meanwhile, the only thing beating down on my head was the cold that was busy taking up residence there.

Today I feel much better, and while the temperature is still acting out of character, the clouds have moved out of my head and are bearing down on us here in Barrington. Phooey.


robyn a. jones said...

I'm so glad you have a blog.. i was reading christine's and saw your post! yay! I really miss you all. That's a big part of me that has changed that I miss so much. I just gave a year and a half of my life to a guy that now says he's sure he's not in love with me, and that he never got over his ex... Time to move on I guess. Hearts do heal. I know that!
Email me sometime. I loved the picture of ella.. its on my bulletin board in my kitchen. Your family picture too, your mom sent. I love ya'll. (I love being southern too:) ) love you- robyn

Christin said...

funny! I was sick too this weekend. amazing how we are so far apart yet sharing germs somehow... :) maybe it's the blogging...

(so glad you started this!!!)