Sunday, January 22, 2006

our home

i'm posting these pictures, because we're homeowners. and because after years and years of renting creme-colored apartments, we finally dwell in a cozy land of color! seriously, i love our house. it's small, and old, and will probably take as long as we live in it to "touch up" to our satisfaction. but it's a house. with a yard. and cheerful, colorful rooms that we not only live in, but occupy as well.

so, for anyone wondering about this place of which i speak, on with the tour:

(**quick disclaimer- all of the pictures posted today are interior pictures. on the day i shot them, all of my digital camera batteries were dead until well after dark. in the next few days i promise to get outside in the light of day, and document the exterior as well!**)


from our enclosed front porch, you enter directly into our living room:

the living room boasts 3 windows, which will soon be dressed in roman blinds made from this fun and funky fabric: the color pallete for the room was chosen with this fabric in mind.

our favorite bookshelves found a home in our living room:

to the right of the living room you look directly into the dining room, which is painted a rich, chocolate brown:

and from the dining room you enter into the kitchen:

2 more views of the kitchen, from the opposite doorway:

also on the first floor are,

our one and only bathroom:

our guest bedroom (robert calls it our "ode to autumn"):
(the boxes in this picture contain white 2" wooden slat blinds for all of the 2nd floor windows)

and ella's purple playroom (featuring magnetic walls):
(this is our favorite "storage solution" in the house, holding all of ella's picture books and toys!)

and now, follow me to the 2nd floor. (technically, a 1/2 story. we live in a bungalow built in the early 1900's, with lower, sloping ceilings on the second floor)

around the corner, and up again:

to the landing, which we've converted into an office.

rounding the corner at the top of the stairs:

looking back toward the staircase, at our corner-situated desk/workspace:

and turning towards ella's room:

upon entering ella's room (notice the quilt hanging where the blinds await installation):
(also, the all-yellow walls will one day boast white and pink stripes)

and to the left:

further left (featuring the closet awaiting a door!):

and back to the right of the crib (built-in dresser awaiting trim, and wall art awaiting hanging):

and further to the right:

and last, but not least, the master bedroom (window also awaiting blinds):

also boasting great closet space, lacking only a door:

a nice nook for a vanity (with a mirror longing to be hung):

and finally,another built-in dresser, awaiting finishing/trimwork:

hope you enjoyed the you can see, we're still working on our house, but feeling fully at home!


Makeesha said...

how odd - I wonder why those pics won't post. I just posted a few pictures on my blogger blog directly through blogger - what format are they in?

Christine said...

the master bedroom is my fave! i'm gonna link to your blog - i love it!

stuffing more gauze in my mouth for my now-phantom wisdom teef,


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren!

I'm liking your new house. Sometime when I come home I'll have to visit you guys! I think I've seen Ella all of two times since she was born, although I can only remember one time. I was smelly after a soccer game and I forget why we were at your parents house in NJ, but we were... and we ate pizza as my little brothers hogged Ella and smothered her with stuffed animals.


Laurie said...

Robert and Lauren,

Great place--I loved the tour! Your little Ella girl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing pictures and the tour. I'm jealous of Rebecca. She's actually seen Ella. At least I can boast that I fed her before she was born!! :)

Congratulations, guys.
Laurie N.