Tuesday, January 31, 2006


She's actually thrilled at the prospect of being Auntie's flower girl in April. Shrug.
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Ali O said...

ha!! that's so hilarious! if i had read further in your blog i would have probably figured it out, but i'm so glad you filled me in :) i will be sure to keep up with you and Your beautiful ella. so i guess you've moved on from VA back to the old stomping grounds??
okay, take care. i can't stop laughing that i thought i was totally leaving a stranger a message!

Jenni said...

Hey Lauren! I'm so glad you have a blog. Your Ella is adorable! And, I took that "What is your favorite major?" quiz, too - interesting - it's on my blog.

jen said...

too sweet.... my elle is going to be a flower girl next month, yay!

so nice to see pictures, lauren!

Anonymous said...

Gracie was the same way when she was in Monica's (Chuck's sister) wedding. We weren't sure she would walk down the aisle or not. We practiced at home with fake pedals, a basket and wedding music. She pulled through and even remembered to drop the pedals! It went real well.

good luck,


robyn a. jones said...

She is just soo beautiful.. even when she's upset! :)

Hope you are having a good day. I love your house!! I need to take some new pictures of mine!

I read the earlier post that Alison posted and thought.. ohh that's Alison from Nashville! Doesn't she know this is Lauren? Then I read this one! Ha Ha. I doubt she would remember me. I was only there for a brief.. I wouldn't even dare to say shining moment..

meggan said...

wow, she looks so much older already!

Christin said...

i love this picture. :)

Christine said...

Seriously, she is such a beautiful little girl! I'm ready for another post from you, missy!