Wednesday, April 23, 2008


-an impressive selection of gourmet teas, packaged and mailed with great care, by my sweet texan friend, jenni

-and the handmade, handwritten card that came with

-a vintage style tin for storing above-mentioned teas

-a night of scrumptious eats, great music (x2), and fundraising for a fantastic organization that's doing great things for kids in our city

-a slowly growing collection of scarves and greeting cards, made with love and care by a dear, long-distance friend and kindred spirit

-so many days in a row (6 and counting) of beautiful, spend-the-entire-day-outside weather

-colorful colanders overflowing with colorful, local, organic produce

-the sort of friend who comes over the moment she hears you're down, and who brings a mouthwatering lunch, to boot!

-a 2 1/2 year old and 3 1/2 year old playing harmoniously for 4 straight hours, without naps

-soft baby skin, sweet baby smiles, and swinging that baby to sleep


jenni said...

These are all lovely, but where did you get that tea tin?!


Lauren said...

hehe....once again, tj maxx! but it originated in poland...

Christine said...

Goodness, Ella is getting so big! A little lady, she is now!

Lauren said...

can you believe it, stine? you seriously would barely recognize her, based on your last visit. i am wistful...time passes SO. QUICKLY.

jenni said...

Your TJ Maxx needs to talk to my TJ Maxx. We're lacking.

Mrs. Smith said...

Those lovely things put a smile on my face! I just posted in my blog about a day of simple pleasures. This post reminded me of how those little blessings mean so, so much. They just flow with the blessings of God, letting us know how much He cares for us.
Hope you are doing well.

Brooke said...

Ella and Riley look adorable in that picture! I am glad the swingset is getting good use :)

organique gal said...

Those are all things that would make my heart sing!!! :heart