Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thrifting Success

Yesterday I was inspired to resurrect an old habit of mine- thrifting. I used to be an old pro at the game, but in recent years have gotten sucked into the false allure of the "new." So, after perusing Sara's blog yesterday, reading a few good articles, checking out Compacting, and hearing about my friend Mollie's success in finding a "new to her couch" during one of her thrifting adventures, I hopped in my van. With Ella in tow (and Robert gone working on a group project for his Masters program), I ventured out to our closest Goodwill store, and got to shopping. And boy was it a succesful trip! For under $30 I scored everything you see below:

A gorgeous, mocha-toned silk curtain panel for our bedroom. $2.99

A cute, colorful basket with a handle, to be hung in the playroom for storing our downstairs stash of clean cloth diapers. $1.99

A vintage, funky red beaded necklace that I'm hoping will go with a smoking hot strapless red dress I bought recently to wear to a wedding. 99 cents.

A tin to be used either as a wall decoration, or to hold something, in my bold-orange-and-red crafting room. 49 cents.

A funky patterened mug. I like to drink my morning coffee out of mugs whose design inspires me :) 29 cents.

3 cool, vintage bowls to be hung as wall ornaments in my dining room. My dining room is chocolate brown, with lots of bright yellow and white perfect are these??? All 3 cost me just 75 cents!

Just a closer up shot, minus the price stickers, which were blocking full view of the pattern in the previous pic ;)

Rainboots for Ella- 2 pairs, one in her current size (gently used), and one in a future size, BRAND NEW. Cost for both pairs? $6.

2 old milk jugs to be used a juice decanters- 99 cents for the pair.

Brand new Bath & Body Works cosmetic holder, for all of my pedicure/manicure supplies! $1.99

A crafting tote for Ella, 99 cents.

AWESOME, stylin' leather baby shoes (for the next one...and no, I'm not pregnant!), 99 cents.

Quite possibly the "find of the day." A painted wooden picnic basket, snatched up for Ella's new wooden kitchen and wooden play food. $1.99

Can't decide if these are wine, water or champagne glasses, but they are tinted brown, and so dainty....I love 'em! 6 glasses for a grand total of 90 cents!!

These match the skinnier glasses pictured above, but sadly, there were only 3. I bought them to use as votive holders. (See below) Set of 3, 75 cents.

How pretty are these hand painted glass mugs? I'll be using them for serving tea :) 6 for $1.25

And there you have it, my friends....more evidence that you should go thrifting. And that new is not always better....and certainly not cheaper!


jen said...

wow! i'm so terrible at thrifting... i never seem to find anything! i need to be schooled by you and mollie, lol!

Andrea said...

I LOVE to thrift!! LOVE it...and I've been trying to go every two weeks. I bought the best hot rollers that are essentially heated velcro rollers, so no clips necessary...Now I want to go out and thrift! Saturday it is. :)

-Happy Mom

Christine said...

You've gotta be kiddin' me! We have a Salvation Army outlet store nearby and I think I need to hit that up, stat! Way to go, Lotsie!

momtobri said...

Great finds!

angela said...

Holy Moly! You have the best goodwill in the world!! I never am able to have such great finds at my goodwill.

Christin said...

do you know how many times a week I get on this blog only to see the same old picture of your almost-boob? :) (not that it's not a hot picture, it just...means you haven't updated). and today here I am, and you've updated with 3 new posts!?!?!? what on earth. when it rains it pours.

this thrifting trip, you hit the jackpot. i too have been known to score some hot items but you REALLY raked it in. this is something to be documented. you're amazing!
I think the mocha curtain and rainboots might be my faves!!! those dishes for the chocolate room too though, WOW...amazing.