Monday, January 15, 2007

Goodwill, Take 2

Hit up another local Goodwill store today, and came away with more treasures worth mentioning:

A sassy little shawl for Ella :)

A cable knit Baby Gap sweater, 1/10 the price it would've cost new!

Pink, sage & yellow flower-shaped votive holders for atop Miss Ella's dresser :)

A precious and colorful handknit baby cap, for that little sister that Ella keeps asking for... (Nope, still not pregnant!)

How cool is this parka? I know I bought one of these for myself in high school...."down the shore" in Ocean City. Also Baby Gap...also insanely cheap!

Another Baby Gap sweater....I love the detailing on this one....(see close-up below)

32-piece set (8 full place settings) of brand-new, in-the-box pottery-style dishware (Sicily Caramel by Thomas Pottery). $8!?!?!?!

A cane-style basket, that I'll use in my living and dining rooms interchangeably. 99 cents.

Another score for Ella on the wooden toy front! Check out this adorable "baby cradle" that I'll be painting and re-vamping :)

2 packages of brand-new, in their original packaging, Target red cloth napkins, to be used for Christmases to come...

And a nifty, green bud vase for my living room.

And thrifty Lauren lived happily ever after. The end.


Brooke said...

i love the really did go crazy huh????

angela said...

That is absolutely insane!! I need to go thrifing where you are. Crazy. Oh, by the way, I love Ocean City. I saw that you mentioned it. A friend I went to college with in VA was from Audubon, NJ and her grandparents had a place on the shore in Ocean City. We still go up there once year.

kristen said...

I have been avoiding thrifting with kids after a lackluster trip but you may have inspired me to give it another go. Great finds!

Christin said...

my home is bathed in green glass from thrift stores. that is one thing I ALWAYS buy when I go. there are so many different ones from the 70's...and when you put them altogether, they look so striking! nice finds. That pottery dish set, SHUT UP!!!!!

angela said...

Okay, this is very wierd!! I can't believe what a small world it is. And I just randomly clicked on your site from my friend Sara's site - walkslowlylivewildly. I met Sara through my friend Jackie Samson (now Miller) from Liberty. Did you know her? Did I know you there...this is too strange!!

angela said...

by the way, I realy can't believe the dishware you got for so cheap...that's absolute insanity!