Tuesday, May 27, 2008

before and after

so i promised some interesting before and after shots, didn't i? these are admittedly bound to be more interesting to me than to any of you, dear readers...and yet, i feel compelled to share! in addition, i am in full-on priming/painting mode today, so i will no doubt have some additional before and afters to share soon. today i am on a particular quest to 'neutralize' the wall colors in our house, to make it more market friendly, and also in hopes that the lighter color walls = bigger rooms philosophy will prove true.** seriously, NONE of our 4 bedrooms are small (particularly for a bungalow from the early 1900's!, but even for a more modern abode), and yet, we have gotten feedback about 'too small' bedrooms, so i am pulling out all the stops and trying to find *SOMETHING* up my sleeve that will SELL. THIS. HOUSE. there ya go.

**it is worth adding that i am also a fan of the more subtle tones i've selected. in the overzealous excitement of first time home ownership (and no more apartment-white walls!) i may have gone a *bit* overboard with bold color the first time around. and yeah, i am just now correcting that. YOU try painting with a 3 year old at your heels!!!

so, the most notable before and after moments in the past 2 weeks have included a transformation from a blue slipcovered sofa set to a chocolate brown one!


and AFTER:

now, the new brown tone is presenting some 'design challenges' of it's own. however, in my opinion, it is quite an improvement over the outdated (and fairly faded) 'denim blue' of yesteryear, and is worth the shuffling and re-imagining that will now need to happen in my living room!

the other before and after i have for you today is another one of my many haircuts- LOL! i think i am *finally* finding peace with the fact that i am much more suited to short hair, despite the occasional longing for thick, lustrous, flowing locks in the tradition of christine or kierstin. so, here you go....the most recent incarnation:

BEFORE (did i mention that my sweetheart graduated with his masters on may 10th?? swoon):

and AFTER (yes, i have noticed how much 'puffier' my face looks with 'longer' hair. yikes.):

so, there you have it. some of the humdrum happenings at my house as of late. :) may you be inspired in your own home improvement efforts and grooming endeavors. LOL.


ckuretich said...

I would call this something glorious. yes i would. what a great name for a blog, too. seriously. I should use that.

anyway I love your short hair. you and short hair go together, like strawberries and whipped cream, like peanut butter & bananas, like nutella and pretzels (try it)...

congratulations to Robert too, smarty-pants.

Christine said...

YOU, my dear, pull of short hair with a vengeance! I am jealous, I've always wanted short hair, but am not willing to risk a big curly afro :) Also, love the chocolate couch! I like that green wall color though, I don't think it's too bold. Miiiight want to change that magenta in Ella's playroom though if it's still there. Tee hee!

robyn a. jones said...

i love the hair and the house... :) you are a cutie.... as is your family... i wish i had hair like stine's too... beautiful.

Kelly said...


I love the new cut! :) And I am praying as always that your house will sell. I know your new beginning in a new home is right around the corner.

Mrs. Smith said...

I love all the transformations! You look GoRgEoUs, although you always have, reguardless of hairstyle. : ) But yes, the new cut is exceptionally flattering!
Your home looks sooooo cozy! I just want to curl up on your couch with a cup of tea and chat with you for hours...ahhh! I LOVE that pillow in the center of the couch with the sweet birds on it. Not only does it accent everything perfectly, but it is also so, soo YOU! I have been so excited to see what you had been working on when I read that you were painting. Beautiful! The new owners will be so fortunate to find such a lovingly cared for home.

jenni said...

Your house looks lovely, and yes, you pull off short hair beautifully.

robyn a. jones said...

i'm excited about your new endeavors! how cool will it be to be an interior designer. i'm thinking about going back t oget my art therapy degree like i originally moved home to do...:) here, here to new endeavors!! i've been sick all day... but i watched miss potter again. i love that movie:) have you seen it?

TulipGirl said...
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Liz said...

This is great info to know.

TulipGirl said...

Woohoo! Congrats to YOU on your hubby finishing grad school! That is something the whole family needs to be committed to, to pull off.

Tony Raz said...

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